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The Couple

Ralisa was born in Romania and raised there until she was nine years old. She moved to the United States and learned three languages. She is compassionate and has an adventurous spirit. Nick was born in New York and comes from a large family. He loves unconditionally and is very career orientated. Ralisa and Nick met in high school and like any good love story, became great friends. Ralisa loved Nick’s warm, caring spirit. Nick was attracted to Ralisa’s determination and love for life. Together Ralisa and Nick love to travel and collect shot glasses from each place they go.  

The Engagement

Ralisa and Nick dated for almost ten years before Nick proposed. Christmas morning of 2011 Nick gave Ralisa a build-a-bear penguin dressed in a Santa Suit. The penguin held a message from Nick asking Ralisa to marry him. Ralisa was surprised as the proposal was unexpected. They were engaged for four years before tying the knot this June.

The Wedding Day & Ceremony 

The ceremony was supposed to be outdoors. But prior to the ceremony a turbulent storm came through and knocked down trees and the electricity in the venue went out. Ralisa and Nick maintained their composure and the ceremony was moved indoors. The venue was perfect. As Ralisa walked down the aisle with her uncle by her side, Nick held back tears. The couple exchanged vows in front of a large crowd of friends and family. Many onlookers described the couple’s love as “something a blind man could see”.    

The Reception at The Addison in Boca Raton, Florida

The Bride and Groom chose to sing their first dance to one another in a one of a kind duet.  The room at The Addison was magnificent. The food was delicious and guest kept coming back for more. The open bar kept the guest happy and on the dance floor. Ralisa and Nick danced together and with their families throughout the night. Ralisa’s family even incorporated Romanian traditions into the reception keeping the party going late into the night.

The Honeymoon

The couple took a few days and enjoyed relaxing in a local hotel. They hope to plan a trip to Europe later on. Currently they are focused on their career paths and enjoying life as a newly married couple. They hope to buy the perfect home together soon, as husband and wife.


The Addison Blue Bouquet PhotoThe Addison Bride Reading Letter from Groom PhotoThe Addison Bride and Groom Staring at each other PhotoThe Addison Bride and Groom near the water PhotoThe Addison Bride embracing Groom from behind black and white PhotoThe Addison Bride and Groom PhotoThe Addison Groom Smiling PhotoThe Addison Wedding Cake PhotoThe Addison Bride and Groom Kissing PhotoThe Addison Bride and Groom kissing under sparklers PhotoThe Addison Wedding Rings Photo


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Photographic Team Members:  Michael Wright – Kristen Browning – Kim Zuccaro

Venue: The Addison



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