The Addison-Boca Raton-Rebecca+Shaun

From the moment I met Rebecca and Shaun, it was a no brainer. We were meant to be a team. How could a bald headed guy like me, miss with such a beautiful couple? It’s simple – I couIdn’t.

We had such a blast capturing their Engagement Photos last year, but now it was time for their big day. However, I was being tested for my 33 years of expertise. You see, I had arrived at the venue at about 3 pm for a 5 pm start. Why? Because I did not want anything left to chance. As my team and I causually discussed different places to take the wedding photos, I checked my radar map and a huge area of rain was heading right for us. The ceremony was outside at 7 pm. Uh oh!

I told my team in 15 minutes it would start raining – and it did. I told them we would be able to photograph outside – and we did. I told them (and Rebecca) the ceremony would take place outside – and it did.

The Addison did an incredible job of getting everything ready after the rain.  5 Star Service!  Just what I love!

I could not have asked for a better day and two wonderful families to work for. Thank you Rebecca and Shaun for the honor of capturing your day. Whoo hoo!

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The lovely – Rebecca!


The first embrace. Gosh I love my job!


The “pickle heads” of the family watching Mr. Frank get bopped on his head!


Outside photos? Oh please! YES!


Here comes the bride…


Tear fest! Notice Christine the Maid of Honor starting it all!


Loved loved loved their vows!


Loved the details!


Wow! From torrential rains to this!


The Creative Team

Venue: The Addison

Florist: Dalsimer Atlas

Makeup: 2 Shades of Purple

Hair: Samantha Seider 561-732-7944

Band: Sekond Nature

Gown: Bridal Couture

Photographic Artist: Frank Donnino Photography

Photographic Assistants: Casey and Cameron

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