The Addison Boca Raton Carole and Frank

When I first talked to Carole about her special day, she had told me she had seen my “Bald Mobile” parked outside a restaurant in Boca Raton. She was very saddened by the fact that other photographers, who she was considering, basically would not give her the time of day. Why? They were an older ... Read More

Bahia Mar Fort Lauderdale Florida Lauren Jason

The day of Lauren and Jason’s wedding rehearsal dinner was enough to make even a seasoned “police officer bride”…get worried. Nobody expected it. Nobody predicted it. I mean nobody. It was a rare weather event that happens once in a hundred years! Colder air to the north, combined with warmer air to the south, made ... Read More

Atlanta Georgia Sharon Danny

Being commissioned to photograph a wedding is (of course) a great honor to me. But when I get commissioned to photograph for a destination wedding, that is even more humbling. Such was the case with Sharon and Danny’s wedding when they flew me up to Atlanta, Georgia. I flew in on a Friday morning and ... Read More

Westchester Country Club Boynton Beach Lissette + Felix

I hesitate to tell this story. Because I really don’t know where to start – and my words will fall far short of doing Lissette and Felix justice. But I will try. Lissette and Felix were married this past Saturday at the beautiful Westchester Country Club in Boynton Beach. First, a big thank you to ... Read More
Cauley Square Miami Monica+Alex

Cauley Square Miami Monica+Alex

Monica and Alex commissioned me very early in their wedding planning. They were telling me where they were having their reception – Cauley Square in Miami – and I could not for the life of me picture what is was going to be like. It was nothing like I thought it would be. Nothing!  When ... Read More

Marriott Singer Island Lorissa + Mitchell

Simple, elegant and exactly what they wanted. Lorissa and Mitchell choose a beach at the Marriott Hotel – Singer Island Florida – as the backdrop for their intimate wedding. With just their parents as witnesses, everything was perfect. Here is just a small sampling of the images I created for Lorissa and Mitchell. When we ... Read More

Jonathans Landing Jupiter Megan+Rolando

A connection was formed immediately between the three of us when I met Megan and Rolando for the first time. We had everything figured out for their day with the perfect time line to get everything done – and STILL let them enjoy their party. I love when a good plan comes together. Here are ... Read More

Boynton Beach Inlet Florida Cristy + Dan

I really loved working with Cristy and Dan. It really was effortless to photograph them for their engagement. Something happened on this photo shoot that is extremely rare. It was the right place at the right time.   Keep reading! They look so cute together! Cristy is gorgeous! Such a natural beauty. Dan was very ... Read More

German American Club Lantana Florida Ursula + Joshua

I received a call from a wedding coordinator from Colorado (her name was Heidi – one of the bride’s best friends) and she needed help.  Her friend Ursula was stressed out. Really stressed out!  My job is to destroy stress!  Ursula could not find a photographer that was willing to do things her way (non-traditional) ... Read More

Brazilian Court Palm Beach Crystal + Brian

I was in a tough spot. I had two couples calling me at the same time for the same wedding date I happened to have open. Both were last minute intimate weddings too. Crystal and Brian were skeptical about me. Hey I don’t blame them or anyone for that matter. Trust is something you earn. ... Read More