Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens Wedding Photos // Delray Beach, FL Photographer // Ana and Jonathan

It was a drizzly day in early March in Delray Beach, FL at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens when Ana and Jonathan gave their words of love and promises of ever-lasting commitment in front of a modest group of their closest family and friends.  But just as I think these two are very much meant to be together, it was meant to be that the weather put a pause on the rain at just the right moment in time.  But I will get more into that a little later.  Here’s a little background behind this unique couple I had the pleasure of shooting.


The Couple and Their Engagement

Ana is a spunky Costa Rican with a good sense of humor and really loves to laugh.  I’m told she’s “nerdier than she lets on”, and knowing this tidbit of information gives a little insight on the couple.  Jonathan, born in West Palm Beach, is also on the “nerdy” side.  In fact, Ana claims that “his nerdiness is part of his charm.”  He attended law school in England, so I think it’s safe to assume he’s probably a pretty smart guy.  So these two self-proclaimed “nerds” are definitely made for one another.  They met at an IMAX theatre when watching a documentary about the Hubble Space Telescope.  Seems fitting.  They’ve been together for four years, and a few months ago Jonathan decided to pop the question.  It was Christmas morning when he asked Ana for her hand in marriage, but not without getting permission first.  Yes: Jonathan, being a true gentleman, asked Ana’s seven-year-old if it was ok to propose to her mom.  Of course, she said yes, as did Ana.


The Wedding Day and the Ceremony

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in a large venue with many different points of interest, but our day began in the peaceful gardens.  It was rainy that day, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.  Everyone was laid-back, almost reflecting the scenery around them.  Still, the quiet ambiance didn’t lack any feeling of fun or excitement.  There was one brief, twenty-minute period where the raindrops let up, and the momentary dryness couldn’t have come at a better time.  During the outdoor ceremony held in front of the Morikami falls, what would be considered the climax of any wedding day, the skies cleared completely and Ana and Jonathan got to tie the knot without precipitation.  All there was was the gentle roar of the waterfall, truly capturing the scene.  In one word: serene.  The ceremony was intimate, with only twelve guests in attendance.  The best part: the two completely embodying who they are by dressing down in Converse sneakers and Jonathan sporting a Star Wars light saber tie clip.  What a fun couple.


The Reception

The newlyweds went with a more informal reception held at their home with their family.  However, informality wasn’t a part of the decor as white linen tablecloths stretched across the table and there were beautifully delicate centerpieces of baby’s-breath flowers.  A tent was set up to keep the drizzle at bay.  It was a nice and simple garden setting.  Refreshing.  The food was catered by Mamma Mia’s Trattoria and was delicious– a huge hit.  An overall great way to end the perfect day.


Honeymoon Plans

The couple decided to put a hold on the honeymoon and postpone until the fall.  They plan to go to Costa Rica, the place Ana hails from.  When they go they’ll be visiting all the beautiful destinations and I’ll bet they’ll never find an end to the fun that will be had.  Of course, I’m sure this nerdy couple always finds a way to have fun no matter what their doing, as I’m sure they will for the rest of their lives together.


The Photos

Morikami Museum Wedding Photos The BouquetMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple Hugging in ForestMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple Standing on FenceMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple In Front of LakeMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple KissingMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple with Daughter on BridgeMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple on HorizonMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple with Daughter and UmbrellasMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Couple's Converse SneakersMorikami Museum Wedding Photos Groom's Boutonnière

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The Links

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Photographic Team Members:  Vanessa Velez and Robyn Barkley
Mamma Mia’s Trattoria


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