Kerri and Peter’s Boynton Beach Wedding

Kerri and Peter had their first meeting with me, about their wedding, only a few days prior to the wedding. Peter’s Aunt Chris had commissioned me based on my reputation and my website.  I was honored to have been chosen.

Below are Kerri and Peter’s beautiful children as they walk to the ceremony to see daddy.


Beach photography is my specialty and must be done properly or it could be an absolute disaster. For Kerri and Peter, I was more concerned about the weather. A cold front was scheduled to come into the South Florida area.
prior to the wedding.  Chris was very nervous as we did not have a back up plan in place.  But as I had assured her, the cold front moved all the bad weather out of the area. It was a perfect night for a wedding on the beach. As you can see, Peter was very anxious to greet his bride.  Kerri was glowing!


During the ceremony, I see this little hand stick out from behind Kerri with the rings in her hand. I wonder who that was?


Of course…the “official” ring bearer had other plans.  Yeah baby….sand everyone!  He was preparing for the Sand Ceremony.


The Sand Ceremony: Our ring bearer was not going to budge. He was having way too much fun!


Peter’s grandmother looked on with pride!


“And our two lives blend together as one.  Never to be separated again”


As you can see, the kids loved seeing Mr. Frank getting “bonked” on the head.  This is why I have no hair.


Oh it was so awesome out there on the beach. Perfect conditions with the temps and the surf!



As the sun began to set, I worked my magic.



Thanks Kerri and Peter!

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Frank Donnino
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