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Danielle and Kemonte

A calm and overcast Florida afternoon was the perfect setting for this active, sports loving couple. Kemonte a lover of sports was calm and collected throughout the day. Danielle, who coaches volleyball, was a stunning bride.  The wedding and reception was held at Delray Beach Golf Club. The venue was packed with more guests than anticipated.  The couple committed their lives to one another in a sweet and light hearted ceremony. After the ceremony, Danielle and Kemonte celebrated with family and friends inside the venue. The passion and love between these two was noticed by all who attended.

The Couple

Danielle was born and raised in Florida with a passion for sports, especially volleyball. She loves to use her creativity to make beautiful art and her style was evident throughout the ceremony.  Kemonte, a Tennessee native loves gaming and even played baseball during college. When Kemonte met Danielle at Bryan College in Tennessee five years ago, he immediately knew she was the woman he was meant to be with forever. Danielle was attracted to Kemonte’s calm demeanor and great sense of humor. The couple bonded over their shared love of sports, gaming and even baking! They are a dynamic duo for sure.  

The Engagement

Disney World proved to be magical for this couple. Kemonte pulled off the surprise proposal in front of the Walt Disney World Castle as the couple was having their picture taken. Danielle was completely shocked when he got down on one knee. A small crowd had gathered to watch the engagement, while Danielle quickly overcame her shock to say “Yes!”

The Wedding Day and Ceremony at Delray Beach Golf Club

The day was made even more special by starting at Danielle’s Family home. The lake backdrop made for a stunning first look where the couple had a brief moment to themselves. Danielle and her bridesmaids enjoyed a few mimosas on the deck to relax before the ceremony began. The ceremony at Delray Beach Golf Club was serene and the venue was packed. A large crowd of guests watched Danielle walk down the aisle in a gown by Alfred Angelo. As requested during ceremony, the pastor made a few jokes to keep the mood lite. Shortly before sunset the couple exchanged vows and committed their lives to one another. The moment was powerful.

The Reception at Delray Beach Golf Club

Not to risk their reception to the ever-changing Florida weather the couple decided to have the reception indoors. The couple joined family and friends at the Delray Beach Golf Club   to dance the night away. Danielle and Kemonte selected “Thinking About You” by Ed Sheeran as the song for their first dance. Guests enjoyed a photo booth and delicious food and drinks that lasted all evening. As Danielle and Kemonte left the ceremony they were sent off in style by the large crowd and were anxious to start their honeymoon!

The Honeymoon

Danielle and Kemonte were thrilled to start their honeymoon as newlyweds. The couple took a cruise through Key West, Florida and then onto Cozumel, Mexico. They enjoyed relaxing after a stressful season of wedding planning. As an active fun loving couple, their marriage is sure to be an adventure!  


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The Creative Team

Photographer:  Frank Donnino Photography

Photographic Team Members:  Vanessa and Diego Velez, Lenisse Komatsu and Kristen Browning.

Ceremony Venue & Reception:  Delray Beach Golf Club


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