Deauville Beach Resort Wedding Photos | Miami Beach, FL Photographer | Ruth and Edwin

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Love was in the air for Ruthy and Edwin’s wedding day.  The breeze off a crystal ocean in Miami made for a stunning backdrop as the couple said their vows. Friends and family from around the world were in attendance for the ceremony and the gorgeous reception that followed.  

The Couple

Ruthy was born in London, England. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also has a love for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. She loves drums and music. Ruthy was immediately attracted to Edwin’s kind heart and love for God. She knew he would make a great husband.

Edwin was born in Denmark. He speaks six languages and shares Ruthy’s love of fast food and Coca-Cola. Edwin knew right away that he would fall in love with Ruthy. He was attracted to her sweet smile and love for life..


The Engagement

Edwin proposed to Ruthy while she was home visiting family in London. Edwin set the romantic scene and popped the question. Ruthy was in shock but gladly accepted the proposal. Ruthy’s family celebrated by hosting  a huge engagement party in London to for the couple. Because of the large number of family and friends another engagement party was held in Toronto. Edwin and Ruthy were excited to begin the wedding planning process. .


The Wedding Day & Ceremony 

The wedding day began with a strong chance of storms but they day turned out beautiful. The Bride looked stunning as she walked down the aisle. The groom was so overcome with emotion that he had a hard time saying his vows. The ceremony was beautiful and accompanied by a live band. The scene was breathtaking as family and friends looked on as the couple committed their lives to one another.


The Reception at Deauville Beach Resort in Miami, Florida

The reception at the Deauville Beach Resort was filled with music,good friends and good food. Ruthy and Edwin shared their first danced and partied throughout the evening. Thoughtful speeches were given by several of the couple’s close friends and family members. As the reception ended Ruthy and Edwin were excited to begin their honeymoon with their extended family!

The Honeymoon

Ruthy and Edwin took a cruise to the Bahamas with their extended family. After the cruise the newlyweds flew to Mexico for another relaxing vacation. After their honeymoon the couple will live in Toronto and begin their life together.


Deauville Beach Resort Bride and Groom Portrait photoDeauville Beach Resort Bride and Groom with bouquet photoDeauville Beach Resort Wedding Party photoDeauville Beach Resort Bride and Groom Embracing photoDeauville Beach Resort Bride and Groom with ocean in background photoDeauville Beach Resort Bride and Groom Holding Hands photoDeauville Beach Resort Wedding Bouquet photoDeauville Beach Resort Bride and Groom on Beach Black and White photoDeauville Beach Resort Wedding Party with Sunglasses photoDeauville Beach Resort Groom Carrying Bride on Beach in Black and White photoDeauville Beach Resort Slow shutter sparkler bride and groom on beach photoDeauville Beach Resort Wedding Dress photo

Creative Team


Photographic Team Members:  Lenisse Komatsu and Adam Lalani

Venue: Deauville Beach Resort:

Videography: Frank Pulgar 212 Media Productions:


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