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Shannon and Wesley

This traditional wedding in the middle of the beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was stunning. Shannon and Wesley value tradition but took an untraditional route to meet. The couple met online, and it was not love at first site. It took several dates until they both realized love was in the air. Both Shannon and Wesley are parents with busy lives, and each have a great sense of humor. They took their time getting to know and trust one another and were thrilled to finally become Husband and Wife.

The Couple

Shannon, a mom of three, was born and raised in Florida. She recently purchased her grandparents home which was the home where she grew up. She owns and operates a construction company with her father and brother. When she first met Wesley she was attracted to his sense of humor and the fact that he was such a responsible man. He didn’t look bad either. She loves the time spent with Wesley and their combined five children. She loves Wesley so much that she agreed to watch the complete Star Wars series with him, even though she is not a fan!

Wesley is originally from Oregon and owns a carpet installation company. He is the father of two boys. He loves to fish and is an avid Star Wars fan. He also has a twin brother. Wesley was attracted to Shannon’s beautiful smile and warm, caring personality. He loves spending time with Shannon and her children and is looking forward to turning her into a Star Wars fan.

The Engagement

Wesley took Shannon back to his home state of Oregon and planned a romantic day outdoors. The couple hiked Silver Falls, and once they reached the bottom of the waterfall, Wesley proposed with Shannon’s great grandmother’s ring from 1932. Shannon was stunned and in awe. She said “Yes!” and the planning began!

The Wedding Day and Ceremony

The wedding day began with Shannon in the Emergency Room for a stomach virus. Thankfully, she was out of the hospital in time to get ready for the ceremony. The ceremony was written in part by the couple’s wedding planner Cynthia with the help of Shannon and Wesley. The floral arrangements were custom designed by Orange Blossom Floral and Events. The ceremony was a mix of humor and sensitivity as the couple exchanged vows. Everyone laughed, cried then laughed some more. It was a perfect day for the couple.

The Reception at Bonnette Banquet Lodge

The reception at Bonnette Banquet Lodge was filled with laughing, dancing, and romance. The food was wonderful and the setting looked like a scene out of a storybook. The new Bride and Groom were surrounded by everyone they love. Unfortunately, the reception was cut short because Shannon was not feeling well, but they still had a wonderful time.  

The Honeymoon

Shannon and Wesley will take their honeymoon in Saint Augustine, Florida. They love all things old and traditional so what better place to celebrate their marriage than in the oldest city! They are looking forward to combining their large family and hope to one day take a trip to Ireland. This couple is sure to have a lifetime of laughs and fun together as Husband and Wife.


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Creative Team


Photographic Team Members:  Vanessa Velez, Lenisse Komatsu, Teri Roberts


Venue:  Bonnette Banquet Lodge, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Floral: Orange Blossom Florals & Events

Wedding Planner: Ceremonies with Cynthia

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