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Nicole and Miguel

The first day of August was perfect for this passionate couple. These film lovers are a true match for one another, from Nicole’s mermaid style wedding dress to make her look like her favorite Disney princess Ariel to Miguel’s instrumental version of their favorite tv show, Game of Thrones, for the processional. This unique wedding was one to remember! The wedding and reception was held at The Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, FL. The venue was breathtaking and all of the wedding guest were thrilled to be attending. Nicole and Miguel exchanged vows with one another before rushing off to enjoy the picturesque reception. The love and excitement between these two was incredibly evident.

The Couple

Nicole, a hard worker who has had a job since she was 15 met the adventurous and very friendly Miguel at a restaurant they both worked at when they were teenagers.  Miguel noticed Nicole’s naturally beautiful teeth and red hair immediately, which Nicole say’s have never been dyed or straightened. Nicole loved the fact that Miguel did things like backpacking 3,640 feet up a mountain with friends in New Mexico and volunteering at a youth group throughout high school and college. They started a dating relationship that lasted for 6 years until Miguel popped the question.

The Engagement

One thing you need to know about Nicole is that she loves Christmas.  Before the engagement she would have told you that it was because of all the lights but after Miguel’s very memorable proposal, she has a new reason to love that special time of year.  The year was 2011 and the couple was in New York City in December.  Miguel planned his proposal, including the purchase of the ring, in only 3 days. While at the Rockefeller Center Miguel asked the most important question of his life under the huge, iconic Rockefeller Christmas tree.  Nicole was absolutely elated and of course said “Yes!”

The Wedding Day and Ceremony at The Rusty Pelican

Nicole’s infectious ambition to always be better and Miguel’s ability to always brighten Nicole’s darkest days led everyone to The Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, FL. on a bright and beautiful summer day.  The wedding theme was fit to compliment the couple’s mutual love for the beach and ocean so when a forecast for an 80% chance of rain was delivered the evening before the theme became questionable.  The sun came up on the day of  the ceremony and not only did it not rain but it was bright and sunny all day!  This day was truly special on many levels.  August 1st is the day before Miguel’s parent’s wedding anniversary and the ceremony was held in the same room in which Miguel’s sister celebrated her Quince.

There are always things that the bride and groom can look back on from their ceremony and laugh at years down the road and this was no exception.  One special part of the ceremony was a moment where Nicole and Miguel would share a moment that included sand.  Just moments before walking down the aisle, the sand had disappeared!  Immediately one of the groomsmen ran as fast as he could out to the beach and dug up a new batch of sand while sweating profusely just minutes before the nuptials.  Another thing that happened was when the ring bearer almost forgot to grab his ring pillow before walking down the aisle.  The amazing part was that he was the only one that noticed and therefore saved the day by remembering.

The whole ceremony was full of things that could have ended badly but once again love prevailed and amazing memories were made in a very touching fashion.  The love that Nicole and Miguel share for each other overflowed in that room, so much so that every bridesmaid and groomsmen admitted to crying at least once and I bet there were way more tear filled eyes among the guests.  A day no one will forget.

The Reception at The Rusty Pelican

Nicole and Miguel know how to make memories! The two things that stick out as special about this reception was all the special dance moments and the out of the ordinary choice for the reception meal.  Sound Event DJ’s brought the sounds that provided a perfect soundtrack for this celebration and the meal that was provided was actually an amazing breakfast style brunch.   The reception, complete with a view of the Miami skyline was a perfect celebration of this couple and their love for one another with an amazing cake from Edda’s Cake Designs.

Honeymoon Plans

The honeymoon was absolutely perfect and provided many “firsts” for Nicole and Miguel.  They both played blackjack for the first time at a casino and won money, they both tried duck for the first time and they both enjoyed a couple’s massage.  A wonderful time of enjoying each other as husband and wife with lifetime memories.


The Rusty Pelican Wedding Rings PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bride PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bride and Groom PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Wedding Ring on Finger PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bride and Groom Skyline PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Groom PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bouquet PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bouquet and Pendant PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bride and Groom Black and White PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bride with Bouquet PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bride and groom with bouquet PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Bride and Groom Smiling PhotoThe Rusty Pelican Wedding Dress Photo

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The Creative Team


Photography: Frank Donnino http://www.mybaldphotographer.com

Photographic Team Members: Vanessa and Diego Velez – Lissette Zemola

Venue: Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne, FL – http://www.therustypelican.com/special-events

Floral: Budstop Florist – http://www.budstopflorist.com

Decorations: Confetti Family Event Rentals – http://www.cfeventproductions.com

Reception Extras: Miami Event Photobooth – http://www.miamieventphotobooth.com

Cake: Eddas Cake Designs – http://eddascakedesigns.com

DJ: Sound Event DJ’s – https://www.soundeventdjs.com


Leah and Vlad

An early August afternoon in Deerfield Beach, Florida created the sweet background for Vlad and Leah’s wedding day. Vlad, originally from Russia, speaks three languages could not contain his excitement to marry the woman of his dreams. Leah, who has attended universities on three continents and is an avid animal lover, was a serene beauty walking down the aisle. Leah and Vlad met during their second year of graduate school in Texas. Vlad was attracted to Leah’s beauty and intelligence. Leah found Vlad to be funny, brilliant and so much fun to be around. They shared their first date on Valentine’s Day in 2014 and the romance has continued ever since! The venue at Deer Creek Golf Club was magnificent. The ceremony was filled with friends and family of the couple. After their vows the couple partied well into the evening with their close friends and family. The joy and celebration felt between the couple was the best part of the evening.  

The Engagement

A day of pampering was in order for Leah before the big night. She had no idea what was about to happen! Vlad took Leah on a romantic gondola ride through the Intercostal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As if that wasn’t enough romance, Vlad wrote a sweet message inside a bottle for Leah to discover. As the gondola floated out in the open water, Vlad asked Leah the question that would change her life. An enthusiastic Leah agreed to be his wife and concluded a perfect evening.

The Wedding Day and Ceremony at Deer Creek Golf Club

An early start to the day helped Leah and her bridesmaids prepare for the wedding. As the ladies were getting ready, the Best Man was having a small crisis when he could not find his tuxedo shirt. Thankfully, the shirt was found and the ceremony could begin! As the ceremony began Leah was escorted down the aisle by both her mother and father.  Another special moment came during the exchanging of rings. Vlad’s wedding band belonged to his father and the sentimental touch was a nice addition to the day. There was not a dry eye in the venue as Leah and Vlad shared their handwritten vows and promised to love one another forever. The flowers created by Floral Creations by Blanca, were stunning and the perfect addition to the ceremony. Surprisingly, the rain held off long enough for the couple to share their first kiss as Husband and Wife as they quickly exited to their reception.  

The Reception at Deer Creek Golf Club

Vlad and Leah know how to host a celebration! Everyone was excited to celebrate their new marriage. The DJ, EddieB kept the crowd dancing and on their feet. Leah and Vlad shared their first dance to “Can you Feel the Love Tonight?” by Elton John. The groomsmen took to the dance floor to show off their impressive moves and striped socks. It seemed as if every guest made a visit to the dance floor. Leah and Vlad left the reception late in the evening to catch an early flight to their honeymoon destination!  

The Honeymoon

Vlad and Leah began their life as newlyweds in the Dominican Republic. They spent a relaxing week soaking up the sun and enjoying some alone time. This genuine and sweet couple are sure to share a lifetime of memories together!


Deer Creek Golf Club Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride and Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride and Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride and Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride and Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Wedding Cake PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bouquet PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Wedding Dress PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Wedding Rings Photo

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The Creative Team


Photography: Frank Donnino http://www.mybaldphotographer.com

Photographic Team Members:  Gwen Fisher, Vanessa Velez and David Gurr

Venue: Deer Creek Golf Club www.deercreekflorida.com

Floral: Floral Creations by Blanca www.floralcreationsbyblanca.com

DJ: EddieB www.eddieb.com

Officiant: Ceremonies with Cynthia www.ceremonieswithcynthia.com

Makeup: Hey Gorgeous Makeup www.heygorgeousmakeup.com

Linens: Classic Linens www.classicparties.net


Danielle and Kemonte

A calm and overcast Florida afternoon was the perfect setting for this active, sports loving couple. Kemonte a lover of sports was calm and collected throughout the day. Danielle, who coaches volleyball, was a stunning bride.  The wedding and reception was held at Delray Beach Golf Club. The venue was packed with more guests than anticipated.  The couple committed their lives to one another in a sweet and light hearted ceremony. After the ceremony, Danielle and Kemonte celebrated with family and friends inside the venue. The passion and love between these two was noticed by all who attended.

The Couple

Danielle was born and raised in Florida with a passion for sports, especially volleyball. She loves to use her creativity to make beautiful art and her style was evident throughout the ceremony.  Kemonte, a Tennessee native loves gaming and even played baseball during college. When Kemonte met Danielle at Bryan College in Tennessee five years ago, he immediately knew she was the woman he was meant to be with forever. Danielle was attracted to Kemonte’s calm demeanor and great sense of humor. The couple bonded over their shared love of sports, gaming and even baking! They are a dynamic duo for sure.  

The Engagement

Disney World proved to be magical for this couple. Kemonte pulled off the surprise proposal in front of the Walt Disney World Castle as the couple was having their picture taken. Danielle was completely shocked when he got down on one knee. A small crowd had gathered to watch the engagement, while Danielle quickly overcame her shock to say “Yes!”

The Wedding Day and Ceremony at Delray Beach Golf Club

The day was made even more special by starting at Danielle’s Family home. The lake backdrop made for a stunning first look where the couple had a brief moment to themselves. Danielle and her bridesmaids enjoyed a few mimosas on the deck to relax before the ceremony began. The ceremony at Delray Beach Golf Club was serene and the venue was packed. A large crowd of guests watched Danielle walk down the aisle in a gown by Alfred Angelo. As requested during ceremony, the pastor made a few jokes to keep the mood lite. Shortly before sunset the couple exchanged vows and committed their lives to one another. The moment was powerful.

The Reception at Delray Beach Golf Club

Not to risk their reception to the ever-changing Florida weather the couple decided to have the reception indoors. The couple joined family and friends at the Delray Beach Golf Club   to dance the night away. Danielle and Kemonte selected “Thinking About You” by Ed Sheeran as the song for their first dance. Guests enjoyed a photo booth and delicious food and drinks that lasted all evening. As Danielle and Kemonte left the ceremony they were sent off in style by the large crowd and were anxious to start their honeymoon!

The Honeymoon

Danielle and Kemonte were thrilled to start their honeymoon as newlyweds. The couple took a cruise through Key West, Florida and then onto Cozumel, Mexico. They enjoyed relaxing after a stressful season of wedding planning. As an active fun loving couple, their marriage is sure to be an adventure!  


Delray Beach and Golf Club wedding rings photoDelray Beach and Golf Club bride photoDelray Beach and Golf Club bride photoDelray Beach and Golf Club bouquet photoDelray Beach and Golf Club bride and groom photoDelray Beach and Golf Club groom photoDelray Beach and Golf Club bride and groom photoDelray Beach and Golf Club cake photoDelray Beach and Golf Club bride and groom silhouette photoDelray Beach and Golf Club bride and groom and photographer frank donnino photoDelray Beach and Golf Club wedding dress photo

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The Creative Team

Photographer:  Frank Donnino Photography

Photographic Team Members:  Vanessa and Diego Velez, Lenisse Komatsu and Kristen Browning.

Ceremony Venue & Reception:  Delray Beach Golf Club


Amanda and Lawrence

The wedding date was set for May 8, 2015.  A more perfect spring day could not have been ordered. However, the story began many years ago when a little girl envisioned an imaginary husband.  She molded her dreams for marriage as she played “house” in New Jersey.  As she grew into adulthood, she knew exactly what she wanted her future to look like. The kindness and charm of Amanda combined with the compassion and chivalry of Lawrence could only produce an elegant, fun-filled and memorable wedding day. It was my pleasure to capture this dream-come-true from behind the camera so that this day can be experienced over and over again.  Not only in this decade, but generations to come will have an opportunity to relive it as well.

The Couple

After moving more than 1,000 miles to Florida, Amanda had a chance meeting with a young man. Could this man be the husband she had imagined as a child?  He was brilliant and friendly and the conversations were always easy.  Lawrence didn’t waste any time. Amanda soon found herself sharing dinner with him at the best restaurant on the beach in Deerfield, Oceans 234. He amazed her with his knowledge of sports and ability to mentally calculate math equations in an instant.  Amanda came from a big family and he enjoyed listening to the stories of growing up with her brothers and sisters.  Conversation was kept lively and interesting throughout the night.  Never a dull moment! It didn’t take long for the couple to figure out that they were the perfect compliment to each other.

The Engagement

Lawrence planned an enjoyable weekend getaway for the two of them to Naples, FL….or so Amanda thought!   He actually had been constructing the surprise of her life!

It began with a get together of good friends on the beach.   Sun, surf, sand, everyone was having a great time.  Suddenly, their laughter was interrupted by the sound of a helicopter in the sky above.  When Amanda looked up she was blown away with what she saw.  Not only had Lawrence arranged for the helicopter to fly overhead; it was pulling a banner behind reading, “marry me AMANDA”.  His proposal was immediately accepted with a smile and sealed with a kiss. There was one more surprise up his sleeve.   Knowing how important her family was to her, Lawrence had arranged for Amanda’s parents to fly down from New Jersey to be a part of the festivities.

He had pulled off the perfect start to the most important day of their lives.

The Wedding Day and Ceremony

Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield created a splendid backdrop for a romantic ceremony.  The garden was a delight to the eyes.  A distant waterfall, warm sunshine and fragrant blossoms engaged other senses. Amanda was filled with excitement as she walked down the aisle, but through the excitement, her nerves were getting the best of her and she couldn’t stop shaking.  She was absolutely stunning in her gown.

Choosing the perfect gown did not take long.  After trying on only three dresses, she made up her mind.  Others thought her decision hasty to which she replied, “I stopped looking for a man when I met Lawrence.  Why would I continue to look for another dress?!”  It was obvious as she walked down the aisle that she had made the right choice.

Balloons and tulle provided by A way 2 go Balloons only added to the enchantment of the moment.  If not for the sneak peek at the bride earlier in the day, Lawrence certainly would have lost it while admiring his beloved gracefully advancing toward him.  The moment would forever be etched in their minds.  It was everything they had imagined this day to be.

The Reception at the Deer Creek Golf Club

The magnificent ballroom at the Deer Creek Golf Club  sparkled with crystal chandeliers.  It didn’t take long for the music spun by Sound Event DJs to draw everyone out to the dance floor.  However, the newlyweds stole the show when they performed the dance that had been choreographed especially for them by a friend.  They had been practicing for weeks and the guests were not disappointed.  Later, Lawrence snuck away from his bride to join in on the Cupid Shuffle. The photo booth by Photobooth for Good was a big hit!  It certainly did bring out the peacock in everyone!  But their favorite photo shoot was, hands down, the sparkler shot.  It gave them a moment away from all the commotion to focus on what this whole day was about.  They embraced as Frank Donnino Photography created a magical memento of this five-star day.

The Honeymoon

Since neither of them had never flown across the Atlantic, they couldn’t think of a better way to kick off their first days as husband and wife.  They will start crafting their new life together with new sights and new experiences in Europe!  First stop, Barcelona!  Walking down the famous La Ramblas and experiencing the art, the food and the people will surely be relaxing after months of planning and anticipation. For the grand finale, they’ll be boarding a cruise ship to explore even more of Europe.  Neither of them has had an opportunity such as this. How much more romance can be squeezed in?  They may never come back!  A better way to start their life together as husband and wife would be hard to imagine.

The Photos

Deer Creek Golf Club Sparkler PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club First Dance PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride and Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Cake PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Wine Glass PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride Reflection PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Bride and Groom Bouquet PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Groom PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Wedding Rings PhotoDeer Creek Golf Club Wedding Dress Photo

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The Creative Team

Photographer: Frank Donnino Photography

Photographic Team Members: Robyn Barkley and Elda Leon.

DJ: Sound Event DJs

Photo Booth: Photobooth for Good

Florist: 800RoseBig

Hair and Makeup: Cloud 10 Boca // Lanzetta’s

Baker: Edda’s Bakery

Decor: A way 2 go Balloons

Transportation: Molly’s trolleys

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David & Lissette

The hottest day of April was only appropriate for this passionate couple, David and Lissette. These self-described ‘’geeks’’ are a true match for one another, from their coordinating converse sneakers to their love of Star Wars, this unique wedding was one to remember! The wedding and reception was held at Southern Palm Bed & Breakfast. The venue was breathtaking and all of the wedding guest seemed delighted to be attending. The couple exchanged vows with each other and even included their children in the ceremony, before rushing off to dance the night away at the reception. The love and commitment between these two was evident.

The Couple

Lissette a budding photographer and full time mom has a love for Disney and Harley motorcycles. David an airplane mechanic in West Palm Beach, loves to ride his Harley as often as possible. When Lissette met David at their local college, she knew he was her “other half” right away. Both describe themselves as quirky and they quickly bonded over their shared love of Star Wars, history and all things Disney.

The Engagement

Things don’t always go according to plan! David had planned to propose to Lissette on Christmas Day 2013, surrounded by her children in front of the Christmas tree. But when David got called into work that morning, he had to think on his feet! David asked Lissette to come by and visit him at work, when she showed up he whisked her away on a golf cart, out to the runway to show her a special jet that had arrived. While Lissette was admiring the plane David reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. Lissette was definitely surprised and of course said “Yes!”

The Wedding Day & Ceremony

The wedding day may be hectic for some brides, but not Lissette! She was completely calm the entire morning, even though she had forgotten her notebook that contained her self-written vows. Lissette calmly re-wrote her vows just before the ceremony began. Even as a strong thunderstorm approached and threatened to delay the outdoor ceremony, nothing could dampen this bride’s excitement to marry the guy of her dreams.

The ceremony was officiated by the couple’s long term friend, who understands their sense of humor.  The officiant started off the ceremony by imitating the bishop from the movie “The Princess Bride” while David interrupted with the line “OK get on with it!” Laughter echoed throughout the audience as a few more Star Wars references were thrown in for good measure.  As David and Lissette each recited their personal vows to one another the ceremony took on a more intimate tone. Although neither bride or groom had shared their vows with the other, the vows were remarkably similar. In what was probably the most touching point of the ceremony, David turned to Lissette’s children and made a commitment to each of them as well.  Along with the vows, personalized Star Wars gifts were given to the children. David promised the boys that his home would alway be their home and gave them each a Stormtrooper keychain with a key to their house. The girls received a personalized necklace with a crescent moon as David promised to “protect them from the Darkside”. There was not a dry eye in the venue. The love David and Lissette share for their newly formed family was so evident. Following the vows and a sweet kiss the couple invited everyone to join them at the reception located at Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast

The Reception at Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast

David and Lissette know how to throw a good party!  DJ Evan Nine surprised the couple  with the theme to Star Wars announcing their arrival to the reception.  Together in their matching Converse sneakers, David and Lissette had their first dance to “Sea of Love” by the Honey Dippers. Lissette shared that she was really happy to have taken the first wedding dress she purchased back to the store and opted for a more “dance friendly” dress. The reception was a perfect celebration of this couple and their love made complete with an amazing cake from Desserts by Butler

Honeymoon Plans

David and Lissette had originally decided to stay close to home after their wedding, but their friends had other plans! They surprised the couple with a four day stay at a quaint bed and breakfast in Saint Augustine. From there the couple will tour Disney World. Once they return home David will continue his work as an airplane mechanic, while Lissette will focus on her photography work and stay home with her children. They are truly looking forward to life as newlyweds, may the force be with them.

Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bouquet PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Groom PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Wedding Shoes PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride by Water PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Wedding Cake PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom Shilouette PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom with Photographer Frank PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Wedding Ring Photo

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Creative Team:

Photographer: Frank Donnino: http://www.mybaldphotographer.com

Photographic Team Members: Vanessa and Diego Velez,  Robyn Barkley and Lenisse Komatsu.

Venue: Southern Palm Bed & Breakfast: http://southernpalmbandb.com/

DJ: Evan Nine: http://www.evannine.com/

Cake: Desserts by Butler: https://www.facebook.com/DESSERTSBYBUTLER

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