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Megan and Kipp

Modern couple Megan and Kipp are a fun, vibrant pair who were wed at the Sundy House just before Christmas Day. Their unique style and ability to go with the flow came in handy for their ceremony. Nothing could stop these two from saying “I Do” including a medical emergency and their photographer falling into a fish pond! Megan and Kipp just roll with the punches which is a great characteristic for a strong marriage.


The Couple

Megan, was born in Philadelphia, has a heart of gold and is the executive for a non-profit organization. She also has an identical twin sister. Megan was initially attracted to Kipp’s dimples, and he was easy to get along with. Their first date on New Year’s Day was a sign that the rest of her year would be just as great.

Kipp was born in Kansas City, Missouri and played semi-pro football. He is an avid lover of the Kansas City Royals and even has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics. Kipp was initially attracted to Megan’s eyes and her kind heart. The couple met online and after their first date, Kipp knew she was the girl for him.


The Engagement

Kipp was a little nervous proposing to Megan at the Colony Hotel in Delray Beach, Florida. The setting was serene and perfect for a magical proposal. When the time came, Kipp got down on one knee and asked the question that would change both of their lives. Megan enthusiastically replied “yes” and then Kipp put her ring on the wrong hand. As Kipp began to stand up, he noticed he had gotten down on his bad knee and needed a little assistance standing back up. The couple had a good laugh and excited to share their future together.


The Wedding Day and Ceremony

The wedding day began with a little drama as the Bride’s mother had a medical emergency. The couple almost stopped the ceremony but felt that it would be best to continue. The Bride’s uncle took the place of her father to walk Megan down the aisle, as her father was tending to her mother in the hospital. Megan was a little shaken but was a strong, stunning Bride walking down the aisle. All of the Groomsmen wore Kansas City Royals cufflinks to represent their favorite team.  The officiant, who was chosen for photogenic appearances alone, pronounced Megan & Kipp man and wife, and the party could begin!


The Reception at the Sundy House

The reception at Sunday House was filled with music, dancing, and great food. The music was provided by Let’s Party DJ and Entertainment. The Bride and Groom had taken dance lessons for their first dance, and they nailed it. A flawless performance. While cutting the cake, Megan tried to wipe icing on Kipp, but as he said, his cat-like reflexes and mongoose style speed proved too much. This couple knows how to have fun.  Both Megan and Kipp were very emotional during the reception, but both agreed it was simply wonderful. The couple thanked their guests for attending and were thrilled to be embarking on their honeymoon and new adventure as man and wife.  


The Honeymoon

Kipp and Megan are planning a trip to Alaska later this year and are in the process of buying their first home together. The hope to start a family soon but are enjoying the newlywed life for now.


Sunday House Wedding Rings PhotoSunday House Bride with Bouquet PhotoSunday House Bride with Dress and Bouquet PhotoSunday House Groom PhotoSunday House Bride and Groom Reflection Kiss PhotoSunday House Bride and Groom Kiss PhotoSunday House Bride and Groom Beach Embrace PhotoSunday House Bride and Groom Nighttime Beach PhotoSunday House Bride and Groom Backlit on Bridge PhotoSunday House Bride Wedding Shoes Photo


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Photography:  MyBaldPhotographer.com

Photographic Team Members:  Lenisse Komatsu   Maibel Ziello

Location: The Sundy House: http://www.sundyhouse.com/

From Roehm With Love: http://www.fromroehmwithlove.com/

Two Fat Cookies: http://twofatcookies.com/

Let’s Party DJ & Entertainment: http://www.letspartydjs.com/

Reinhardt Productions: http://reinhardtproductions.com/

Calligraphy By Marcelle: http://www.calligraphybymarcelle.com/



Roz and Ronnie

Outdoor loving, caring, and strong faith are the words to describe Roz and Ronnie. The couple met in Missouri and dated for four years before their engagement. Their mutual love of dirt bikes, working out and dogs made them the perfect match. Their destination wedding in Fort Lauderdale was sought out for the sun and ocean. However the ceremony had to be moved indoors due to the wind and clouds. A little stormy weather was not a big deal for this couple. They were thrilled to be tying the knot!


The Couple

Roz is originally from Minnesota and an outdoor girl at heart. She loves hunting, shooting rifles, dirt bikes and her dogs. When she met Ronnie she was surprised to learn they only lived three miles from one another. She was initially attracted to his strong Christian faith and kind heart. She knows Ronnie would do anything to help out a friend and that is a quality she loves about him. Roz said that Ronnie always makes her feel safe. Even when she is called into work late at night, he accompanies her to ensure she gets there safely.

Ronnie grew up riding motocross and learning Jitsu. He is an avid outdoorsman and values family. He was initially attracted to Roz because she was kind, loyal and a hardworking lady. He is looking forward to spending the rest of his life with his best friend.


The Engagement

Ronnie and Roz were engaged on Valentine’s Day. Ronnie proposed with his great grandmother’s diamond making a special memory even better. The couple took two years to plan out every detail of their ceremony and reception. The wedding was delayed due to some health issues but both Ronnie and Roz agreed a destination wedding away from the snow would be great.


The Wedding Day and Ceremony

The wedding day at Sonesta began mid-morning with stunning views surrounding the ceremony location. The ceremony needed to be moved inside due to weather, but the couple credits their wedding planner Cecilia with the flawless ceremony. The Bride was beautiful, and the Groom beamed with admiration as she walked down the aisle. After the vows were exchanged the couple sealed their union with a kiss. The guests cheered as the couple exited the ceremony as Husband and Wife.  


The Reception at Sonesta

The reception was also at Sonesta and was filled with great food and sweet friends and family. The guests enjoyed the mini photo reveal on iPad’s around the room. The violinist moved around the area and played beautiful music. The entire feel of the reception was relaxed, warm and casual. The cake designed by Edda’s Cake Designs was beautiful. The couple left their reception excited to fly to their exotic honeymoon location.  

The Honeymoon

Ronnie and Roz went to the US Virgin Islands for their honeymoon. They enjoyed snorkeling, shopping and fine dining on the island. Both Roz and Ronnie agree it was the trip of a lifetime, and they look forward to spending their life together.

Sonesta Wedding Dress PhotoSonesta Smiling Groom PhotoSonesta Aerial Beach View PhotoSonesta Champagne Glasses PhotoSonesta Wedding Cake PhotoSonesta Bride and Groom PhotoSonesta Bride and Groom Black and White PhotoSonesta Bride on Beach Black and White PhotoSonesta Bride and Groom Kissing on Beach PhotoSonesta Bride and Groom Holding Hands Beach PhotoSonesta Wedding Rings Photo


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Creative Team

Photography:  MyBaldPhotographer.com

Photographic Team Members:  Vanessa Velez and Lenisse Komatsu

Venue: Sonesta

Ultimate Bridal Beauty – http://ultimatebridalbeauty.com/

Edda’s Cake Designs – http://eddascakedesigns.com/

Weddings By Cecilia – http://www.weddingsbycecilia.com/

Dvine Creations – https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/dvine-creations-miami-fl-611236

Monty Bloom – http://www.montybloomensembles.com/

Nancy and Louis

Nancy and Louis met in Queens, New York, but it was not love at first sight. In fact, it took a chance meeting several years later for Lewis and Nancy to realize there was something special between them. Louis knew he wanted to marry Nancy right away, but Nancy needed some time. The couple took their time and planned a simple, sweet ceremony to celebrate their marriage. Guests travelled all the way from New York to attend the ceremony. The reception was light and fun with guests celebrating the newlyweds.

The Couple

Nancy, a native from Queens, New York, loves life and loves to have fun. Nancy, admits the best thing about Louis is how he makes her smile. Nancy enjoys laughing with Louis and spending time with him. Nancy also took plenty of time choosing the perfect wedding dress. She wanted a dress that matched the windy beach weather, and her dress was just right for the occasion..

Louis was also raised in Queens, New York. Louis is a funny guy who loves to make people laugh. He also is an avid motorcycle rider. Louis was first attracted to Nancy’s smile and it helped that he could easily make her laugh. Louis told Nancy they were meant to be together, but it took Nancy a little time to be convinced. Louis always knew Nancy was the girl for him and he is looking forward to spending forever with her.

The Engagement

Louis knew right away Nancy was the one for him. It took two chance meetings and a first date to convince Nancy that Louis was the guy for her. Louis proposed to Nancy and the ring was just as she had imagined. The couple was thrilled to announce their engagement to family and friends back in New York and the planning process began!

The Wedding Day & Ceremony at the Beachcomber Resort and Villas

The wedding day began on a windy December day at the Beachcomber Resort and Villas in Pompano Beach, Florida. Nancy enjoyed spending time with her family and friends in her hotel room, prior to the ceremony. Once she was ready the wedding party gathered for photos before the ceremony. As the time drew near the wind really picked up and Nancy’s gown fluttered in the breeze as she walked down the aisle to Eric Benet’s “Spend My Life with You”.  The ceremony was simple and stunning. Both the Bride and Groom were sentimental as they exchanged vows.


The Reception at the Beachcomber Resort and Villas

Louis and Nancy were nontraditional for their reception. They sat at their sweetheart table and enjoyed their guests before having their first dance. They also played Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” to honor those friends and family members who could not attend the ceremony. Everyone enjoyed plenty of food and dancing before seeing the newlyweds off to their honeymoon.


The Honeymoon

Nancy and Louis will spend their honeymoon in their native New York City. They both will enjoy time seeing friends and family before returning to their busy work lives. This sweet, funny couple are sure to have a marriage filled with lots of laughs and sweet memories.


Beachcomber Resort and Villas Bride and Groom PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Bride with Bouquet PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Groom PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Bride and Groom Feet in the Sand PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Bride and Groom Beach PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Bride and Groom Laughing PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Birds in Formation PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Wedding Vows PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Wedding Rings PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Bride on Bed PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Chairs on Beach PhotoBeachcomber Resort and Villas Wedding Dress Photo


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Creative Team

Photography:  MyBaldPhotographer.com

Photographic Team Members: Vanessa Velez and Maibel Ziello

Flowers: http://www.tulipsaflorist.com/

Wedding Officiant: http://www.ido4ever.com/


Megan and Jacob

Megan and Jacob first noticed each other in high school. In fact, the first time Jacob saw Megan he ran into a door because he was staring. They soon became best friends. Jacob asked Megan to prom and then to be his girlfriend. Megan makes Jacob laugh and Jacob is Megan’s safe place. They both value family, country and tradition. In fact, they got in engaged while Jacob was in boot camp for the Marine Corps. This rainy, yet lovely, Florida ceremony was stunning.

The Couple

Megan grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. She adores cats, hates eating chicken on the bone and loves her family. She was attracted to Jacob right away and loves that he can make her laugh.

Jacob was also raised in Florida and is a major Patriots fan. He hates cold cheese and is passionate about cars. He has a strong sense of duty and is currently a Lance Corporal in the United States Marines. He was immediately attracted to Megan and they have always been the best of friends.

The Engagement

Megan and Jacob began discussing engagement through letters while he was at boot camp. Megan even picked out her own ring! After boot camp, Jacob, ever the romantic, proposed to Megan while she was working. Megan said she was wearing jeans and dirty cowgirl boots, but it didn’t matter. She was so excited to say “yes” to Jacob and begin planning the wedding of their dreams.

The Wedding Day & Ceremony at Southern Palm Bed & Breakfast

A whole lot of rain on the wedding day at the Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast had the Bride’s mom sneaking shots of rum to calm her nerves. Jacob dutiful decorated the ceremony site in the rain, while Megan stayed calm and collected in the Bridal Suite. Minutes before the ceremony was set to begin there was a break in the clouds and rain. Megan wore a long gown with her mother’s veil. The Bride’s father walked her down the aisle and tears were shed for the happy occasion. Jacob cried as well as Megan walked towards him. Megan was a little nervous during her vows but the ceremony continued on and was beautiful.

The Reception at Southern Palm Bed & Breakfast

The Bride and Groom’s first song was the very first song they danced to at their prom so many years before. There were so many guests to speak with that Megan and Jacob forgot to eat, and needed to be reminded by their parents. Everyone in attendance was happy to share this moment with the couple and wish them well on their new journey as Husband and Wife.

The Honeymoon

Immediately following the wedding Jacob and Megan moved to North Carolina. They were able to squeeze in a small trip to South Carolina but admit most of their honeymoon was spent sleeping! Jacob and Megan are looking forward to their life together and cannot wait to see what the future will bring.


Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom Black and White PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Cake Topper PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride in Focus PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bouquet Photo

Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast Groom Photo

Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom Walking Away Photo

Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom Kissing Holding Sign PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Wedding Rings PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Bride and Groom Reflection PhotoSouthern Palm Bed and Breakfast Wedding Dress Photo


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Creative Team

Photography:  MyBaldPhotographer.com

Photographic Team Members:  Vanessa Velez and Maibel Ziello

Catering: Ironhorse Country Club

Makeup: Jessica Rheany

Hair: Loren Pearl

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Andrea and Rick

This simple, charming wedding was a reflection of the sweet bond Andrea and Rick share. The couple met while living next door to one another and quickly became best friends. They shared a lot of laughter, long talks together and eventually realized they were meant to be together forever. The ceremony reflected their friendship and mutual love for one another in a fabulous location, perfect for a simple, sweet wedding celebration.

The Couple

Andrea, a Rhode Island native moved to Florida during high school and is an avid animal lover. She hopes her next pet is a miniature pocket pig. While Andrea is sweet and down to earth, she is also a strong businesswoman who recently earned her Master’s Degree and is working for a global company. When she met Rick, who was literally the guy next door, she knew she would love him forever.

Rick, a Helicopter Pilot from South Florida, and former Marine, grew up in Sacramento, California. When he moved to Florida, he had no idea he would be meeting his future wife. When Rick met Andrea he immediately fell in love and knew they were meant to be together.

The Engagement

Rick surprised Andrea with a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. While most people relax on a cruise, Rick was anxious because he had an elaborate proposal planned! After docking in Cozumel, Rick asked Andrea to be his wife, he even used a GoPro Camera to capture the entire event. Andrea was elated to say “Yes,” to the man of her dreams and the couple will forever remember Mexico as a place where their forever began.

The Wedding Day and Ceremony

The wedding day at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum began with a little chaos as some wedding days do. The Bride was having dress and makeup issues, so the venue for the first look pictures was changed at the last moment. The Bride looked stunning and as she saw her Groom immediately began to cry as she was filled with joy. Shortly before the ceremony began, the wedding party realized that the ring bearer’s pillow and flower petals for the flower girl had been forgotten. The Bride remained calm and made different arrangements so the ceremony could continue on schedule. The location of the ceremony at the Jupiter Lighthouse was perfect. The couple exchanged vows and family and friends were ready to celebrate!

The Reception at the Jupiter Civic Center

The reception at the Jupiter Civic Center was filled with simple, charming decor. The Bride forgot her garter so the groom made her one quickly out of his handkerchief. Many family and friends made toasts and commented on the sweet character of both the Bride and Groom. The food provided by Rockstar Catering made the reception was excellent. The linens, provided by Superior Party Rental, on each table were flawless and truly complemented the theme of the reception. The couple left the reception eager to start their new lives together.

The Honeymoon

Rick and Andrea took a brief trip to Key West and will take a full honeymoon around Christmas time. They plan to take a holiday cruise back to Cozumel, Mexico where they were engaged. They look forward to living together as husband and wife and hope to start their own family and maybe even a little farm soon!


Jupiter Civic Center Wedding Rings PhotoJupiter Civic Center First Look PhotoJupiter Civic Center Bride Reflection PhotoJupiter Civic Center Lighthouse PhotoJupiter Civic Center Bride and Groom with Bouquet PhotoJupiter Civic Center Bride and Groom with Lighthouse PhotoJupiter Civic Center Wedding Sunset PhotoJupiter Civic Center Bride and Groom Black and White PhotoJupiter Civic Center Bride and Groom Dusk PhotoJupiter Civic Center Wedding Dress Photo


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Creative Team

Photography:  MyBaldPhotographer.com

Photographic Team Members:  Lenisse Komatsu and Teri Roberts

Catering:  http://www.rockstarcateringcompany.com

Draping and Designs: http://www.celebrationsinfo.com

Table Linens and Chairs: http://superiorpartyrentals.com