About Me


All little bit about me


My wife is worth more than all the riches of the world. She is my rock.


I never eat pumpkin pie without cool whip.

Because one would get lonely without the other.


My faith is the core of my life.

I joyfully use the gifts I have been given.


I spoil my car with a $120 car wash and detailing every month.

The “bald mobile” is worth it!


My children are my legacy and represent what the future holds for the world.


You can’t put Reese’s Pieces in my field of vision.

Seriously – blink…and they’re gone!


My life has incredible purpose.

Otherwise my whole existence has been a complete waste of time.


I buy myself something for Christmas each year.

Because I don’t want to grinch myself. That’s silly.


Cold Stone ice cream is my team’s celebration treat after a wedding.

It’s our collective happy dance!


When I am driving and a Beatles song comes on, I am singing – loudly!


Professional photographers should always remain in their heart – a little kid.

They will see things clearer that way.


Starbucks is my addiction of choice.

Because it instantly takes me to the land of yummy.

Yay s’mores!